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Command College “An Investment in Innovation, Education and the Future” is an three-month blended learning program designed to prepare today’s Law Enforcement Senior executives to succeed in an ever-changing professional environment, and to effectively meet the challenges of the future.

The Command College is a dynamic learning experience that uses online, small group, and cohort learning modes to introduce new concepts, refine the officer’s understanding of them, and then to use those skills to help create law enforcement’s future.

The distinct difference of the Command College is its non-police faculty; experts and industry leaders drawn from a variety of disciplines to create a program with three core anchors of Leadership, Innovation & Foresight. Graduates of the program will leave with new colleagues, a diverse array of faculty from which the student can continue to consult, and ways to act ahead of change to create an optimistic future for law enforcement and the communities they serve. 

Command College Prepares Senior Leadership for the 21st Century.

National Sheriffs Association
National Tactical Officers Association
International Academy of Public Safety